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18 Jul 2016


Alaska is filled with large expanses of untouchable wilderness. It is cold all year round the sun shines only 6 months of the year but it is perhaps probably the most beautiful country you will ever see. Pristine white, it glitters like millions of diamonds because the sun touches it. Most people may wonder why anyone want Alaska real estate thinking about the almost constant freezing temperatures, all the ice and snow. There's nothing to wonder however, Alaska property may be mainly raw land but it's some of the most beautiful get you will ever see.

Nearly all Alaska's population is located in the southeastern portion of the state the rest of Alaska's property is recognized as raw or vacant land. Millions of acres of land that's empty of anything but wild life. Wild life is one of the major draws for people wanting to invest in Alaska real estate. The entire state is a superb hunting and fishing ground. There is also the fact that Alaska is rich in oil. Purchasing Alaska property could give you access to a few of the oil that Alaska holds. More regularly though, you will end up with a wonderful chunk of property filled with unspoiled natural splendor land however can be had relatively cheaply when compared with other locations due to the remoteness from the land, the difficulty reaching it and also the fairly hostile climate.

The marketplace of Alaska real estate does fairly well despite many of these, sales costs are up typically about 1.6% over the previous quarter. This is the great news unfortunately for those looking to purchase property there are less homes available on the market. For all those selling, homes take longer to market.

The Fairbanks and North Pole Alaska real estate areas have been a few of the hardest hit when it comes to new construction. With Fairbanks Alaska property new builds, dropping almost eight percent and the North Pole Alaska real estate new builds dropped a little over nine percent. Out of the homes currently on the market, greater than twenty-five percent of these have been located on the market for at least six months, while approximately eighteen percent were available on the market for more than a year.

Interest rates for that market are sitting approximately the 6.5 and 6.65% range. Anchorage happens to be seeing an increase in the costs of land building materials and labor. It is currently among the best positions in the market for buyers due to the low interest and still inexpensive price points on land. Technically, it's still regarded as a sellers market because the inventory of homes, which used to determine which type of sell it off is, less than six months is recognized as a sellers market while over six is considered a buyers market. This means that if there is a significant percentage or all the housing inventory that's for sale and it has not sold for more than 6 months the industry considers that area to be in a buyers market.

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